Buy your House thru Rent-To-Own

There were close to 100,000 jobs created in Houston, Texas in 2012.
This year there is projected to be 76,000 more.

So chances are you're gainfully employed and would rather not be renting.
However, due to a mishap here and a hardship there,
you just can't qualify for a mortgage right now.

Well, there is a solution to your problem.

Rent-To-Own your next house.

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A boutique service in Houston that’s one-of-a-kind

I have the only Rent-To-Own program in Houston, Texas that is
compliant with the new SB 629 and HB 1823 bills passed by congress,
Texas Property Code Title 2 Chapter 5 Conveyances,
is backed by the Better Business Bureau,
and that takes complete care of the buyer from start to finish.

I work with each client personally thru a
customized homeownership prep plan
for the entire lease period of the program.
The result being that your credit will be repaired
and you will also qualify for a FHA mortgage loan.

Therefore, you will be completely capable of making the
smooth transition from rentership to homeownership.

2013 is the right time to buy a house in houston

The time to get into a rent-to-own is now because, as of 2012
the market has turned around and houses are selling in an average time-span
of 2-months versus upwards of 7-months in the recent years past.

The market hasn't been as good as it is right now since 2005.

What this means is houses are appreciating rapidly.

This is a great thing for the economy.

But for you, it means that the longer you wait,
the more you will pay for your house.

If you've been on the sidelines waiting for the right time to
jump-in the market and buy, now is a great time.

Enroll in my rent-to-own program and you can
lock-in a house's sale price and contract terms upfront.


Have time to build-up a down-payment for closing while you
"try-out" the house before you buy, if you so choose.

All of this and it's FREE to you.

If this sounds good to you...

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