Justin McClelland



of Rent To Own Houston

I’m your go-to guy that makes you a homeowner.
When your banker says, “NO” to your loan application because;

  • You have a credit score in the 500’s
  • You’ve recently changed jobs
  • Don’t have enough reserve cash in your savings account

and so-on and so-on…

I have the solution for you.

Everyone isn’t meant travel the traditional route to homeownership.
As a ‘one-size’ fix does NOT fit all in real estate.

Therefore, if it’s your mission to be a homeowner here in Bayou City,
you’ve had a few financial woes of the past keeping you from obtaining a mortgage loan right-now,
and you’re ready to reserve a moving truck to start realizing the american dream…

Then I may be able help make you a homeowner through my
one-of-a-kind Rent-To-Own program.

I specialize in creative solutions to complex problems

I’ve saved folks from foreclosure…

rent to own foreclosure

Saved neighborhoods from ugly houses…

rent to own ugly home

Converted renters in to proud homeowners…

rent to own party

I also know a thing or two about dedication

I’ve completed full Marathons…

marathon medals

TKO’d Muay Thai opponents…

Rent To Own Houston Justin in Phuket Thailand

And have ridden a bicycle from New York City to Los Angeles for charity.

Justin McClelland on a bicycle in Times Square NYC

All of the above are challenging pursuits in their own right.

To your challenges had preventing your

homeownership. I say, “Bring it on”

There are numerous tracks to get you in your next home. And I’m confident that
I can offer at least one that will get you to the finish line .

By now, you have a better idea of the type of guy I am.

I’m as upstanding as they come.

justin mcclelland stamp of approval

You may be on this website thinking…

I’ll never become a homeowner

I’ve been denied multiple times for a loan

What is this guy going to do to help me?

Well, I conquer obstacles. It’s what I DO.

This is true in many aspects of my life including…

helping good people become homeowners

So please believe me when I tell you that,
I can turn you into a homeowner thru my program

It will do you no-harm to see what I can do for you.
And did I mention this is FREE to you?

If you’re pickup-up what I’m putting down (if you’re interested :-)
Then sign-up below.

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