Don’t let mortgage loan rejection prevent your homeowership

Rent to Own in Houston

rent to own houston flagHomeownership is considered part of the American dream for many.

Get your slice of that apple pie.

With my one-of-a-kind rent to own program you can become a homeowner sooner than you think.

If you are dreaming of buying a nice home, in a nice neighborhood, I can help you make that dream come true.

If you can afford a reasonable down-payment and affordable monthly-payments, you may easily qualify today for my powerful “Rent TO Own” program.

You don’t need a squeaky clean financial history…

  • You don’t need a ridiculous 20% down-payment that some of these other rent to own programs require.
  • You don’t need perfect credit, I mean…it doesn’t even have to be “good”.
  • And if you’re self-employed, have a short job history, and past or present financial problems.

Don’t worry I’ve dealt with it all.

Let’s face it. If you had a perfect financial history,
you wouldn’t be exploring other options and you wouldn’t need me.

With my easy qualifying Rent To Own program, you can move into your new home today,
and I will place you in my credit-repair program and personally work with you along the way
to get you approved for a FHA mortgage loan later.

The transition from renting to home-ownership is seamless when renting-to-own because you will
already be living in the property and when you become a homeowner your mortgage payment will be
just about equal to the rent you were paying and in many cases less!

Move in now and Buy later

My catalouge of houses available for rent-to-own are shared as they become available
to the buyers who have signed up for notification.

So, the fastest way to get into your own new home is to complete the form below,
so that we can schedule a FREE phone consultation.

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